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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best events to do in Paris?

There are also lots of fantastic Paris events every single month. Things like festivals, fairs (called foire in French), parades, fireworks. As activities and events are renewed and rescheduled, we will continue to update information on the most popular (and most fun) events in Paris.

What to do in Paris in November 2021?

Top Paris events in November 2021 include Armistice Day ceremonies, lots of wonderful concerts and museum shows, and the chance to immerse yourself in all things chocolate at the popular Salon du Chocolate show packed with demos, tastings, and even a fashion show.

Are there any concerts in Paris in November?

November Concerts in Paris - 2019. From opera to jazz to rock, you'll find concerts featuring every type of music you can imagine in Paris. Short days and chilly nights make November an especially good month for classical concerts held in centuries-old churches. Look for candlelight concerts for a special experience!

How many shows are there in the Paris juggling festival?

Every year, the public can discover almost 50 shows in various venues and institutions in Paris and around the Ile-de-France regio... from 10 September 2021 to 12 September 2021 Shows, workshops, performances ... the juggling festival celebrates its 12th anniversary!

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