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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Eventbrite make money?

Eventbrite gives the organizer of the event three options for how the money can be taken out of the ticket price: they can either have the money taken out of the flar ticket price, they can split the fees with the purchaser or the organizer can add those fees on top of the ticket price. Either way, Eventbrite makes the same amount of money.

Does Eventbrite charge fees?

Eventbrite charges two fees for paid events. The first is a service fee, which is $1 plus 2.5% of the ticket price (this fee is capped at $20). The second is a transaction fee, which is charged when you accept payments for tickets through Eventbrite from major credit cards. This fee is 3% of the ticket price.

How much do event management companies typically charge?

Most event planners will charge a 10-20% commission of the total event planning cost. If you decide to host a weekend with a group dinner, private golf, and historical visits for a group of 40 people, the company may give a quote of $20,000. If they decide to charge a 15% service fee, you will need to pay them $3,000.

How much are Ticketmaster fees per ticket?

So, on my tickets, Ticketmaster gave this breakdown of fees and taxes: A single "order processing fee of $5.35," a "facility charge" of $2.50 per ticket, a "service fee" of $12.35 ticket and 87 cents tax per ticket.

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