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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of insurance do I need for an event?

Public & Products Liability As the organiser of a single one-off community or family event, our Community & Family Event Public & Products Liability Insurance will protect you against claims for personal injury or property damage against your organisation by members of the public who attend your event.

What is a liability special event insurance?

A liability special event insurance policy will cover their medical bills up to the limits specified in your policy. Wedding Cancellation Insurance reimburses your non-refundable expenses, such as deposits, in case you must cancel or postpone your wedding.** This coverage may also apply to your cake, flowers, rental cars, and more.

How do I get an instant quote for event insurance?

To get an instant quote just complete our short online quote form which can be found further down this page. If you have any questions about our Event Insurance or wish to get a quote over the phone, give one of our UK based sales team a call on 01494 887909. Which best describes your role at the event (s)?

How do I get special event insurance online?

Event Insurance Event Insurance Now offers Special Event Insurance in all states through an easy-to-use online event insurance application. This online event insurance program was designed to allow you to quote and purchase event insurance easily and instantly, and is appropriate for events lasting from one day to ten days in length.

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