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Frequently Asked Questions

What is event insurance and do I need It?

Event Insurance is a General Liability policy designed to protect the event holder for most claims of guest or spectator injury or property damage arising from the event. This type of coverage is often required from the venue.

How much does event cancellation insurance cost?

Event cancellation insurance starts as low as $130. The cost is based on your overall event budget, so you can make sure you have the most coverage for all of your deposits and expenses. Get a quote online to find out what it will cost to protect your special event.

Does event liability insurance cover a change of heart?

It does not, however, cover a change of heart. Event liability coverage helps protect you from financial loss if you're held responsible for an accident that hurts someone or causes property damage at your event. You may even be covered if one of your guests creates havoc.

What is the difference between wedding insurance and special event insurance?

Wedding insurance is a type of special event insurance (also called one-day insurance) that covers injuries and venue damages. Plus, you can add coverage for cancellations, cakes, dresses, etc.

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