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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Myrtle Beach homeowners insurance worth it?

Myrtle Beach home insurance is still critical, even on a vacation home. South Carolina has more thefts on average than the average of thefts for all states: Nationally, there are 37,814 thefts reported yearly in an average state. In South Carolina, the average is 40,958 per year.

Why buy a vacation home in Myrtle Beach South Carolina?

Credit score - A low credit score is indicative of higher risk. Vacation homes are very popular in Myrtle Beach. You need the same insurance on a second home as what you need for your primary residence. Insurance may be higher if the home is vacant much of the year depending on how it is secured.

What kind of events are there in Myrtle Beach?

Take your pick from a wide variety of events and attractions throughout the Myrtle Beach Area which include: Arts & Crafts, Music, Festivals/Special Events, Holiday, Museums/Galleries, Parks & Gardens, Performing Arts,Cultural celebrations, Sports & Recreation, Free Events, Local Events. We'd like to promote your event.

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