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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I contact K&K for event insurance?

*Please contact K&K at 1-800-328-2317 for coverage options for these types of events. temporarily erected, or dunk tank. Amusement devices do through. - Communicable Diseases (effective 7/1/20 and after) NOW AVAILABLE - Buy Coverage On-line!

Why choose K&K Insurance?

Since 1952 K&K has provided insurance products and claims services for the motorsports, sports, leisure, recreation and event industries; our underwriting team is ready to assist organizations with general liability and property coverage as the U.S. reopens for activities.

What is special event liability insurance and do I need It?

Special event liability insurance covers short-term private and public events against bodily injury and property damage claims. Many venues require event organizers to carry liability insurance to: Why do you need special event liability insurance?

How do I build my own special event insurance policy?

You can build your own special event insurance policy simply by selecting the coverages you want. Often required by the venue, Special Event Liability Insurance comes standard and covers property damage or injuries to guests.†† Example: A guest at your wedding slips and falls on the dance floor, requiring emergency medical treatment.

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