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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does event insurance cost?

Full coverage for weddings, conferences, festivals, and more. How Much is Event Insurance? It's as simple as this: Event insurance start as low as $175 for each event of 250 or fewer people, depending on whether or not liquor is served and the liability limit needed.

Does general liability cover special events?

Sure, some General Liability policies cover special events, but they are few and far between. Moreover, because an event requires more GL, Liquor Liability, , and other coverages, it’s probably smarter to think of Special Events Insurance as a necessity.

What does event insurance cover?

Event insurance is an insurance policy that may help protect your investment in a specific event, such as a wedding. Event insurance may help cover your costs if you unexpectedly need to cancel your event or if you're found responsible for property damage or an injury caused during your event.

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