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Frequently Asked Questions

Should I Buy concert ticket insurance?

You can typically either buy insurance for a single concert or as a yearly policy for a series of events. Concert Liability Protection Concert insurance is made up of a few different types of coverage that are packaged together to create risk protection for concert performers, promoters and venues.

What is concert insurance?

Concert insurance is designed to protect concert workers, production staff, and event attendees in the event of an accident or incident that could potentially cause liability issues. Concert insurance is available in single event policies, as well as annual event policies designed for event holders that organize multiple concerts throughout the year.

Can you return concert tickets?

Ticketmaster refunds its postage charges if the tickets have not been delivered when an event is cancelled. But some ticket agents, including Gigantic, Seetickets and Stargreen, do not refund any of the extra fees they charge, including booking fees, when events are cancelled or rescheduled.

What is day of event insurance?

Single day event insurance is a specific kind of insurance, which covers an individual or company hosting a heavy-exposure event. A good example would be a company who helps put on and host a concert, but doesn’t need the same amount of high coverage day-to-day.

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