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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Event Horizon Telescope work?

The event horizon telescope is a project to create a large millimeter array of telescope segments acting together to probe structures with higher resolution by means of interferometry. It will be used to observe environment of a blackhole.

Which telescope is best to buy to view planets?

The best telescope eyepiece for viewing planets with this instrument is a 6 mm piece. An eyepiece + filter kit, like the Celestron 14-pc telescope accessory set is one that can improve this telescopes views of planets.

What is event horizon in astronomy?

event horizon n (Astronomy) astronomy the surface around a black hole enclosing the space from which electromagnetic radiation cannot escape due to gravitational attraction. For a non-rotating black hole, the radius is proportional to the mass of the black hole.

What are the benefits of a telescope?

1st Benefit. This is probably the most obvious benefit, the telescope can see much more than the human eye. The magnifying of the telescope works by the objective lens focusing on the light of the object which would magnify on the object. The eyepiece lens takes the light and essentially magnify it more for the human eye.

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