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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an event in computer?

An event, in a computing context, is an action or occurrence that can be identified by a program and has significance for system hardware or software. Events can be user-generated, such as keystrokes and mouse clicks, or system-generated, such as program loading, running out of memory and errors. Download this free guide.

What is an event in security?

(1) An action initiated by the user or the computer. For example, a user event would be any mouse movement or keystroke. An internal event detected by software could be caused by myriad things from unexpected data in the input to a security camera sensing motion.

What is an example of an event?

Another example of an event is a user clicking on a button within a web page. This action creates what is known as a "click" event. JavaScript could then be used to program a reaction to the event, for instance, you could use the onclick event handler shown in the following box:

What is event-driven computing?

Event-driven computing is a model in which programs perform work in response to triggering events . Event-driven programs may be used to automate systems and deliver services for end users or to automate processing in machine-to-machine ( M2M ) environments.

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