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Frequently Asked Questions

What does initiating event mean?

An initiating event is a literary term which refers to the first stimuli in a novel or story that triggers the conflict in the plot of a story line. The concept of an initiating event could be compared to a"patient zero" in an epidemic. One person begins a chain reaction and the disease is spread exponentially from contact with other people.

What does in the event mean?

in the event of something. if something happens; on the chance that something happens. In the event of his late arrival, please call me. In the event of rain, the parade is canceled.

What does MC of event mean?

MC in Japanese nowadays most commonly means a talk (by a singer) in between songs at a (pop) concert. It is a 和製英語 (wasei-eigo) under this meaning. It seems to have derived from the phrase 'master of ceremony'. In a broader context, it simply means a talk at some event.

What are the types of event?

Types of Events. The organisation of events is perhaps the primary activity of sport and recreation organisations. Workers in the sport and recreation industry, salaried and voluntary, are essentially organisers of people whether they be event directors, coaches, referees, instructors or facility supervisors.

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