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Frequently Asked Questions

What does JAG stand for?

The United States Army Judge Advocate General's (JAG) Corps. Thank you to 7th Legal Operations Detachment (Lucky Seven) Soldiers presented with The Humanitarian Service Medal for distinguished participation in support of COVID-19 operations.

Who are the latest JAG members to graduate Basic Airborne?

On 27 August 2021, CPT Justin Egan (left) of 3d Special Forces Group (Airborne), Christopher Scribner (middle) of XVIII Airborne Corps and CPT Daryl Little (right) of 20th Special Forces Group (Airborne) became the latest members of the JAG Corps to graduate from the Basic Airborne Course at Fort Benning, Georgia.

How do I get credit for completing the Army ethics course?

Army personnel may complete this module to satisfy their annual ethics training requirement, where required. To receive credit, Army personnel must email their certificate of completion to the servicing legal office as instructed at the end of the presentation.

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