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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Epic Games accounts free?

That's right, completely free! No strings attached, except the one tied to Epic's storefront. Even if you don't plan on playing these free offerings anytime soon, you might as well login and add them to your library if you've got an Epic Store account.

What is the importance of Reading to young children?

3.Exposure to reading exercises your child’s brain. Reading to young children affects their brain activity and may just give them that boost they need to support and promote their early reading skills. Research shows that specific areas of the brain are affected when young children have reading exposure at home from an early age.

What is EPIC Learning?

EPIC Experiential Learning. EPIC Learning is the very essence of Wentworth’s commitment to learning by doing. By combining pure academics with practical experiences—blending theory and practice, thinking and acting—it empowers both faculty and students to take risks, experiment, and find the deeper purpose of their work.

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