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Frequently Asked Questions

What is epic for kids?

Epic! - Unlimited Books for Kids is a digital library and e-reader website and app that makes more than 25,000 children's books (with more added weekly) available at the touch of a finger.

What is an epic book?

An epic is a long book, poem, or film, whose story extends over a long period of time or tells of great events. ...the Middle High German epic, 'Nibelungenlied', written about 1200. At three hours and 21 minutes, it is an over-long, standard Hollywood epic.

What is EPIC Learning?

EPIC Experiential Learning. EPIC Learning is the very essence of Wentworth’s commitment to learning by doing. By combining pure academics with practical experiences—blending theory and practice, thinking and acting—it empowers both faculty and students to take risks, experiment, and find the deeper purpose of their work.

What is epic reading?

Epic Reads has three channels: the main;, “featuring a curated list of titles that appeal to readers of dystopian and paranormal fiction”; and, which focuses on the “romance, realistic and contemporary fiction genre.”.

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