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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an emotional AD?

Emotional ads aren’t merely images and slogans that try to educate and persuade viewers. They strategically manipulate consumers’ feelings and stimulate the emotional triggers that influence how we make decisions. An emotional ad may be designed to incite anger, sadness, or joy—all targeted toward the brand’s end goal.

What is emotional advertising?

Put simply emotional advertising is advertising which stimulates an emotional response. We talk about functional benefits and emotional benefits. A functional benefit is something the product physically delivers to us, for example a nappy keeps your baby drive for 12 hours.

What is emotional AD?

Ads that make people share and buy can usually be summed up in one word: emotional. That should be no surprise. Studies show that people rely on emotions, rather than information, to make brand decisions -- and that emotional responses to ads are more influential on a person’s intent to buy than the content of an ad.

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