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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is responsible for elevator safety in New Jersey?

The State of New Jersey NJ Department of Bureau of Code Services Elevator Safety Section oversees all elevators in the State of New Jersey. The New Jersey Elevator Safety unit registers all elevator devices in the State of New Jersey.

How do I find out if an elevator is registered?

Click here to access the DCA Service Portal where you can search all registered elevator devices by county and municipality. If the State has jurisdiction in a town, this unit also coordinates the Elevator Subcode portion of Plan Review and Permitting with the municipality and the applicant/owner.

What does the Elevator Safety Unit do?

If the State has jurisdiction in a town, the Elevator Safety unit coordinates inspections between the owner, elevator company and the State. The unit conducts all cyclical and acceptance (inspections under permit) inspections. Owners are billed for inspections directly by the State.

What is an elevator device?

Elevator devices consist of elevators (hydraulic, traction, winding drum, roped hydraulic, rack & pinion and limited use limited access), escalators, moving walks, dumbwaiters, wheel chair lifts, chair lifts and man lifts. The elevator subcode is regulated under the Uniform Construction Code in Subchapter 12.

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