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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Elektra the opera about?

Elektra (opera) Various aspects from the myth are minimized as background to Elektra's character and her obsession. Other facets of the ancient story are completely excluded, in particular the earlier sacrifice by Agamemnon of his and Klytaemnestra's daughter Iphigenia, which was the motivation for Klytaemnestra's subsequent murder of Agamemnon.

Where was eleelektra first performed?

Elektra received its UK premiere at the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden, in 1910 with Edyth Walker in the title role and Thomas Beecham conducting at the first- ever performance of a Strauss opera in the UK. The first United States performance of the opera in the original German was given by the Philadelphia Grand Opera Company at the Academy...

What is the reception of Elektra in Germany?

The reception of Elektra in German-speaking countries was mostly divided along traditionalist and modernist lines. Elektra is one of the most frequently performed operas based on classical Greek mythology, with a performance lasting—like the composer's earlier Salome —around 100 minutes.

What makes eleelektra so special?

Elektra is the second of Strauss's two highly modernist operas (the other being Salome), characterized by cacophonous sections and atonal leitmotifs.

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