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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Elektra Lopez's age?

Elektra Lopez’s current age is 29 years old. Elektra was born in 1992, although her exact date of birth has yet to be determined. Her hometown is Bergen County, New Jersey, and she is an American citizen. Lopez’s ethnicity is currently unclear. Her weight is around 64 kg.

Who is Elektra Lopez in WWE?

While Franky Monet has already made quite the impression since arriving in WWE, fans were not familiar with her opponent of the night — Elektra Lopez. In this article, we'll talk more about the superstar and who she is. Elektra Lopez's real name is Karissa Rivera. The superstar is new to WWE and signed with the company in February.

Who are Karissa Rivera aka Elektra Lopez parents?

Karissa Rivera aka Elektra Lopez’s parents are Steve King, a former WWE superstar. He died on June 29, 1998, after battling cancer. Her mother’s name and information are not known, neither any of her family members’ information is found on the internet.

Who is eleelektra King?

Elektra is also the daughter of Steve King, a former WWE upgradeability guru. In WWE, she was identified as a Puerto Rican from San Juan. Between 1976 to 1984, her father, Steve King, wrestled in the WWE. In 2018, she competed as Karissa Rivera on NXT against Lacey Evans.

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