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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Elektra King in the world is not enough?

~ Elektra King to James Bond. Elektra Vavra King is one of the two main antagonists in the 1999 James Bond film The World is Not Enough, alongside Renard. She was a wealthy oil heiress who was kidnapped by Renard, but eventually became his cohort due to a perceived betrayal by her father.

Who is eleelektra Vavra King?

Elektra Vavra King was the fictional daughter of wealthy oil tycoon, Sir Robert King, but also a criminal mastermind associated with terrorist, Renard.

How did Elektra King die in bond?

―Elektra King's death [src] Bond mourns the death of Elektra. Having survived the bombing, Valentin Zukovsky and his men take mount a raid on the tower. Reaching the room where Elektra has Bond, he is shot by her. Dying, Zukovsky uses his cane gun to free Bond, who then chases after the fleeing Elektra, freeing M in the process.

Is Elektra King the same as Rosa Klebb?

Elektra King is notable for being the first female main antagonist of the James Bond film series. While Rosa Klebb is the central villain of From Russia with Love, she is merely an enforcer of a higher power. Elektra is slightly similar to Vesper Lynd. Both are love interests who betray Bond for the villain.

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