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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an ehawaii account?

An eHawaii account is the free, single-sign-on account to access services. Do you need to setup an account? Sign up for an eHawaii account.

How do I Reset my Password on my ehawaii account?

On the Retrieve Password page, enter the email address listed on your account. Then enter the answer to your secret question. An email will be automatically sent to you with a temporary new password. You can return to your application or to log in with your temporary password and access your services.

How do I verify my contact information on ehawaii?

You can verify your contact information from a variety of places within the ecosystem. Wherever you access it, the process is the same: request a verification for either your email or mobile device you will receive an email or text message with a code I don't think I received the verification message.

Where can I find information about the state of Hawaii ERS?

State of Hawaii Employees’ Retirement System (ERS) website, your online resource for education and information related to the ERS. Toggle ERS Home

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