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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose the EGC series?

Serviceability is another area where EGC Series appliances shine. The universal room side wiring plate allows for pre-installation and electrical wiring as well as checking continuity with the included diagnostics check bar. EGC Series devices can then be easily snapped into place with the confidence of knowing the wiring is correct.

Is gengenesis led EGC series wall mounted or ceiling mounted?

Genesis LED EGC series are listed to be both wall mounted or ceiling mounted. Wiring Horn/strobe circuit out Horn/strobe circuit in (signal polarity shown in the active condition) (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) Page 3 of 6 DATA SHEET K85001-1021 Not to be used for installation purposes. Issue 1 Field Configuration

What is the difference between xenon-type and Genesis led EGC series?

Compared with Xenon-type strobes, Genesis LED EGC Series appliances need fewer power supplies and often smaller wire gauge, which lightens conduit requirements. They are also backwards compatible with legacy strobes, so there’s no need to replace all your existing devices to upgrade to new LED technology.

How many Candela output does gengenesis strobes have?

Genesis strobes feature 15 to 95 candela output which is selectable with a conveniently-located switch. The candela output setting remains clearly visible even after final installation, yet it is locked in place to prevent unauthorized movement after installation.

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