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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose EGCC for financial aid?

At EGCC, we have an open door admissions policy. Admissions uses placement testing results and advising to guide prospective students to appropriate programs, classes, and career goals. The Financial Aid Office administers federal, state, institutional and privately funded financial aid awards.

What is ververify my FAFSA?

Verify My FAFSA is an online portal for submitting requested documentation to our office. The Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid has received your FAFSA. You have been directed here for one of the following reasons:

Where does my FAFSA information go?

Your information also goes to your state higher education agency, as well as to agencies of the states where your chosen schools are located. Many states have financial aid funds that they give out based on FAFSA information. The SAR is a summary of the FAFSA data you submitted.

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