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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should Community College be free?

Here are three reasons why community colleges should be free of cost. 1. Free tuition will allow students to concentrate on their studies, instead of their jobs. While going to school, a majority of students have part-time jobs.

What is the best online degree program?

5 of the Top-Paying Online Associate Degrees Web design. Want to learn how to create appealing websites that function equally well on mobile devices and desktop computers? Nursing. It might seem odd, but you can get a nursing degree online-mostly. ... Electrical engineering technology. ... Networking technology. ... Paralegal studies. ...

Is community college free in California?

The point is, not all community colleges in California are free. Tuition and fees still apply. However, the costs are lower than a usual two-year or four-year state university. Further, community colleges offer many options for covering costs.

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