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Frequently Asked Questions

Does EGCC offer online courses?

EGCC offers a number of programs fully online. For those programs not fully online, EGCC offers many of the required courses in an online format. Get a degree online! EGCC proudly educates students online in all 50 States and Canada.

What is the CGCC course catalog and student handbook?

The CGCC Course Catalog and Student Handbook is your official source of academic program information. It’s also your inspirational guide to designing your college experience and mapping your educational future.

What does EGC stand for?

To: All Students at Eastern Gateway Community College Eastern Gateway Community College (EGCC), Students with Disabilities: It is not necessary to view these contents in this modality. All materials available here are also made available in various formats.

Why gradgraduate from EGCC?

Graduate from a respected, regionally accredited academic institution. EGCC is governed by the Ohio Department of Higher Ed and is part of the University System of Ohio. EGCC is transfer-friendly. They strive to ensure you get as much credit as possible toward your degree for previous work.

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