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Frequently Asked Questions

What are some jobs for Education and training?

Some job titles for Educator and Trainer are Teacher, Instructor, Coach, Tutor, Faculty, Curriculum Developer, Paraprofessional, and Program Director. If a career in Education and Training is in your future, be sure to check out the many contract, freelance, part and full-time opportunities found here.

What education and training is required?

Training requirements for agricultural scientists depend on the type of work they perform. Most jobs in the farming and food processing industry require a bachelor s degree, but a master's or doctoral degree is usually required for research positions at universities.

What type of Education and training does a teacher need?

All teachers must hold both a bachelor's degree and a state teaching license or certification to work in public schools. Teacher education programs, internships or training may also be required. Some elementary teachers also earn a master's degree.

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