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Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is a limited edition print?

Limited edition means that a fixed number of prints or impressions are produced, thus making the print more scarce, valuable and collectable. Limited edition prints are marked with both their edition size and number (meaning at what point in the edition run it was struck).

What is an open edition print?

The Definition of an Open Edition Print. This means that the artist or company that owns rights to the painting may print as many reproductions as they want for resale. Prints may come in different styles, such as those printed on fine art paper or giclee prints, which are reproductions printed on canvas instead of paper.

What is a limited edition artist print?

A limited edition is a series of identical original art prints, numbered from 1 to whatever, and signed by the artist. Although the prints are not one of a kind, they are each considered a work of art. As I print I compare the color and print quality to a master image (called a B.A.T. or "bon a tirer").

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