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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between edition and version?

As nouns the difference between edition and version is that edition is a literary work edited and published, as by a certain editor or in a certain manner while version is a specific form or variation of something. As a verb version is (computing) to keep track of (a file, document, etc) in a versioning system.

What is the definition of edition?

Definition of edition. (2) : a usually special issue of a newspaper (as for a particular day or purpose) Sunday edition international edition (3) : one of the usually several issues of a newspaper in a single day...

What does "first edition" mean?

A first edition is the first published separate edition of a story, novel, poem, or any work of nonfiction in its earliest version. ... The earliest copies without the change are then called the "first issue" or "first state", while the corrected copies are called the "second issue" or "corrected issue".

What is considered a limited edition?

limited edition A fixed number of copies printed, usually individually numbered and signed by the artist, e.g. 3/25, indicating that this is the third impression from an edition of 25 copies. Plates are often defaced or destroyed when the edition is complete to prevent later printing. The size of the edition affects market value.

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