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Frequently Asked Questions

How does ecece prepare its reports?

ECE prepares reports based on the documents considered official in the country in which they were issued. We require the most secure and reliable educational documentation available. But, we know that there can be challenges in some countries. Therefore, our Documentation Requirements vary by country.

How do I login to accessecc as a student?

On the accessECC login page, click on “New Users Start Here.” Next, click “Show me my User ID and Student/Employee ID.” Next, enter your last name, your birthday (MM/DD/YYYY), and your ECC ID number; you can find this on your welcome letter or the last four digits of your social security number.

What is accessaccessecc portal ECC?

accessECC Portal ECC is committed to supporting students who will be transitioning to alternative modes of instruction, particularly online, and addressing the technology needs of ECC students to the greatest extent possible.

How do I Reset my ECECC answers?

ECC staff cannot access your answers. You may only reset your answers in person at the First Stop desk with a valid photo ID. After submitting your information and security questions, you will be shown your user ID and your student ID number. Make a note of this important information.

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