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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I create a digital portfolio for students?

Google Slides can be used to create digital portolios in the form of a presentation. There is actually a pre-made template for that. This Portfolio template provides students with a tentative layout and structure to build their own portfolio. Seesaw is a powerful tool to help students create and share digital portfolios.

What is the Europass e-portfolio?

The Europass e-portfolio will enable users to display, document and share their skills, qualifications and experience gathered in the course of every stage of their life. It will be a hub that offers the following web-based tools:

What is a portfolio in education?

By definition, a portfolio, according to Arter and Spandel, ‘is a purposeful collection of student work that exhibits to the student, or others, her efforts or achievement in one or more areas’ (cited in Baki and Birgin, 2007, p. 77).

What are the processes involved in portfolio creation?

Three processes are involved in portfolio creation: collection, selection, and reflection. Each of these processes trains students in a number of skills. Together they provide students with the appropriate mindset to help them take responsibility of their learning and thrive as budding life-long learners.

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