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Frequently Asked Questions

Does eBay ship packages from ups?

eBay is adding new shipping options from UPS, it announced on Wednesday. On eBay, sellers have a choice in how they ship packages, though they must select an option with tracking if they want to avoid potential seller performance issues. eBay currently integrates its Shipping Label program with USPS and FedEx.

How do I print a UPS label on eBay?

When you go to My eBay, you will be able to print a UPS label on the same way you print USPS and FedEx labels now. Tracking will automatically upload and you will be invoiced via your eBay monthly invoice. UPS rates through eBay Labels offer competitive pricing options and can help you save on UPS shipping costs.

Does eBay ship to the Philippines?

While many sellers on eBay offer direct shipping to a Philippine address, it’s not unheard of for items to double or even triple in cost because of additional fees once they arrive in the Philippines.

Why was ups banned from selling on eBay?

Because UPS LEFT EBAY, not vice-versa. It was because THOUSANDS of eBay sellers Casually STIFFED UPS by misstating Gross Shipping Weight and ESPECIALLY by “gaming” the DIMENSIONAL WEIGHT rules UPS has for ALL of their classes of shipping.

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