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Frequently Asked Questions

What is another name for body dysmorphia?

Body dysmorphic disorder; Other names: Body dysmorphia, dysmorphic syndrome, dysmorphophobia: A cartoon of a patient with body dysmorphia looking in a mirror, seeing a distorted image of himself: Specialty: Psychiatry, clinical psychology

How can I get more information about body dysmorphic disorder?

If you would like more information about Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD), or would like to discuss individual therapy, group therapy, online therapy, or intensive treatment at the OCD Center of Los Angeles, you can call us at (310) 824-5200, or click here to email us.

What is dysmorphophobia?

In 1886, Enrico Morselli reported a disorder that he termed dysmorphophobia, which described the disorder as a feeling of being ugly even though there does not appear to be anything wrong with the person's appearance.

What is preoccupied with muscle dysmorphia?

With muscle dysmorphia: The individual is preoccupied with the idea that his or her body build is too small or insufficiently muscular. This specifier is used even if the individual is preoccupied with other body areas, which is often the case. Specify if:

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