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Frequently Asked Questions

What is dwih New Delhi?

The German Centre for Research and Innovation - DWIH New Delhi supports the exchange of ideas in areas of knowledge that will be critical in the future through events, networking and showcasing the work of German and international scholars.

What was the focus topic of dwih 2020?

"Cities and Climate" was the 2020 focus topic for the German Centres for Research and Innovation (DWIH) in New York, São Paulo, Moscow, New Delhi und Tokyo. Learn more about the work and highlights of the past DWIH year.

What is the dwih São Paulo?

The DWIH São Paulo is a showcase of access to Germany’s science and innovation, providing the primary opportunities for research and study in the country, including study scholarships, career planning, and opportunities for cooperation. Browse through our video gallery and catch up on our latest events.

Why join the drivedwih New Delhi network?

DWIH New Delhi has a vast and expanding network of supporters comprising of funding organisations, industry associations, research centres and universities. Our network offers you a platform to explore Germany as a research and innovation hub, connect with the right partners for your projects and create value. More...

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