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Frequently Asked Questions

What is DP 1 coverage?

DP-1 "Basic" Policy. A DP-1 policy offers the most basic coverage and thus is a good lower cost option for older homes or homes that may otherwise be uninsurable due to their condition. A DP-1 policy offers coverage for specifically named perils only and may only include a few such as fire, lightning and wind.

What is DP 1 insurance?

The DP-1 insurance policy is a “named perils” policy. This means that all the perils that are insured are listed, or named, in the policy itself. This differs from our DP-3 and standard homeowners policy forms, which insure against all perils with the exception of a few exclusions listed in the policy, like flooding.

What does DP 1 cover?

dp 1 covers you for basicially fire, lightening, and internal explosions. most dp1 forms also include coverage for theft and malicious vandalism. dp1 is for actual cash value. dp3 is a broader form of coverages and may cover you for the replacement cost on the dwelling.

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