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Frequently Asked Questions

How to download GIFs and videos from Pixiv?

For mobile users such as Android and iOS devices, there is also recommended Pixiv video downloader. For example, Downloader for Pixiv is a reliable tool for Android users to get GIFs and videos from the Pixiv platform. This downloader can be easily installed from Google Play, and it requires no other extensions for starting to use.

What is the best Pixiv video downloader for Windows?

1. Easy & Professional Pixiv Video Downloader for Windows/Mac (Tutorial) VideoSolo Inovideo should be the best Pixiv video downloader for Windows and Mac users. It has the ability to download videos from Pixiv with high resolution and keeps the video content in the most widely-used MP4 format.

What does Pixiv mean?

Anime, manga, and video game fan-art artworks from Pixiv (ピクシブ) — a Japanese online community for artists. pixiv - It's fun drawing! Reddit Inc © 2021 . All rights reserved

How to add Pixiv toolkit to Chrome browser?

Step 1. Search for Pixiv Toolkit in the Chrome web store, then click the "Add to Chrome" button for installing the extension. Step 2. After adding the extension, go to Pixiv in your browser. When you open a GIF content in Pixiv, there will be a blue button shown at the bottom of the page.

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