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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you play Subway Surfer?

In both methods, we’ll play subway surfers by using left-click mouse button. The entire game is played by left-click mouse button only. To jump, to swipe down, to more left or right etc we should use left-click button.

Is Subway Surfer free?

Yes! You can play the game for free in your browser without having to download the game. Play Subway Surfers using your keyboard and mouse.

Can I play Subway Surfers?

Being able to play Subway Surfers depends mostly on the hardware of the device you want to use it on. Generally speaking, all devices with over 200 pixel density displays and a decent graphics processor will be able to run the game. Contact us if in doubt.

Is Subway Surf free?

Subway Surfers is a free Temple Run-style arcade game where you have to escape from a railway inspector angry with you for spraying graffiti over the station. This game is also available for iPhone and for Windows Phone.

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