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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Dolphins in depth tour?

Disney's is a backstage tour of The Seas with Nemo & Friends Pavilion at Epcot where Guests interact with dolphins in waist-deep water.

How are dolphins different from humans?

The anatomical similarities between humans and dolphins don’t end there. Despite the radically different appearances between human arms and dolphin flippers, our limbs are remarkably similar in bone structure. Inside of their flippers, dolphins have five phalanges, or finger bones.

What is the difference between dolphins, fish and sharks?

Core Difference between Shark and Dolphin Sharks are fish while dolphins are mammals Sharks are cold-blooded while dolphin are warm-blooded Dolphin breathe through lungs while shark breath through gills Sharks reproduce by ovoviviparity while dolphin by viviparity reproduction type Skeleton of shark is made up of cartilage while that of dolphin made up of bones More items...

What depth do bottlenose dolphins live in?

Coastal bottlenose dolphins aren't known to routinely dive deep. Some live in habitats as shallow as 10 to 12 feet and most won't dive deeper than 150 feet, in contrast to offshore bottlenose dolphins, known to dive as deep as 1,600 feet.

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