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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Dollar Tree have a catalog?

It looks like Dollar Tree hasn't created any catalogs yet. Why not check out our featured catalogs instead?

How do I place an order on drivedollar tree?

Dollar Tree makes it easy to quickly place an order! Type in the catalog SKU number as it appears in the printed catalog. You may add more than one item at a time, up to 20 SKUs at a time, by separating the numbers with a space. (ex: 222222 333333 444444)

Do you shop at Dollar Tree without buying in bulk?

You can now shop at the Dollar Tree website WITHOUT having to buy in ginormous bulk, and I’m giddy! Have you ever thought about getting something at the Dollar Tree, only to go to the website, and find that they only sell like TWENTY of that one thing at a time?

Can you buy mini boos at Dollar Tree?

They also have many items — like these Mini Boos — that are only available if you go into a physical Dollar Tree location. I really wanted one. *Sad face* So, bottom line, you can get many outrageously fantastic deals at the Dollar Tree website, but look before you buy, and don’t be surprised by that handling fee if you buy less than a case.

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