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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Dollar General own Dollar Tree?

Dollar General Stores have the same situation as described on Dollar Tree above as they do not franchise either because they are corporate only. Only difference is that Dollar General Stores do not carry strictly 1 dollar items as Dollar Tree.

Is Everything at Dollar Tree a dollar?

Dollar Tree is a ‘true’ dollar store. In the world of dollar stores, there are two kinds of players. There are the true dollar stores like Dollar Tree and 99 Cents Only where everything is $1 or less — no exceptions. And then there are places like Dollar General and Family Dollar, which are dollar stores in name only.

What does Dollar Tree open?

Generally, Dollar Tree is closed on Christmas day and Eastern Sunday, and open during the rest of the holidays. This means that Dollar Tree is open on MLK Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Independence Day (4th of July), Labor Day, and a list of there holidays seen in the table below.

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