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Frequently Asked Questions

Does the whiteboard paint really work?

Does whiteboard paint really work? Yes, it works, and the best quality whiteboard paint lasts longer than typical traditional whiteboards. Chemicals and some solvents in the pens

Does whiteboard paint work on textured walls?

Many people wonder if whiteboard paint will work on textured walls. The short answer is yes! This is good news for many people that want to put up a whiteboard wall in their homes, as many home walls have some sort of texture and are not perfectly smooth (smooth walls are more commonly seen in offices and industrial areas).

How does remarkable whiteboard paint work?

HOW REMARKABLE WHITEBOARD PAINT WORKS REMARKABLE™ IS A WHITEBOARD PAINT KIT THAT TURNS ANY SURFACE INTO A DRY ERASE BOARD . ReMARKable™ can be applied to nearly any painted surface. One simple step turns drywall, plaster, metal, or tile into a dry-erase surface.

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