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Frequently Asked Questions

How to find a birth record in Okaloosa County Florida?

Okaloosa county vital records are maintained and issued by the Florida Department of Health Bureau of Vital Statistics which is the state repository for birth, death, marriage and divorce records. Locally, these records are co-managed by the Okaloosa Vital Records Office and the County Clerk's Office.

How to find bankruptcy records in Okaloosa County Florida?

Okaloosa County bankruptcy records are managed by the court clerk of the Northern District of Florida US Bankruptcy Court. To obtain copies of these records interested persons may either self-serve using the court's public terminals or send a written request via mail to the office.

How do I get a certified document from Okaloosa County Florida?

For your convenience, the Okaloosa County Clerk of Court is now offering Electronic Certified Court Documents for purchase on the Clerk’s website. Each electronic certified document uses advanced encryption features to produce a tamper proof electronic certified document that will include a unique Clerk of Court digital signature.

What is eRecording in Okaloosa County?

eRecording is a secure online submission of documents to the Okaloosa County Clerk of Courts office for recording in the Official Records of Okaloosa County. eRecording eliminates the need to mail or deliver documents to our office and saves time and money for both the Clerk’s office and our customers.

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