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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access my divorce records?

Go to the clerk's office for the county in which the divorce is suspected to have been granted. Depending on the county, divorce records may only be accessible electronically from the clerk's office itself. In that case, computer terminals in the clerk's office will give the public access to those records.

Where to find divorce records?

Some divorce records are kept at the state level, some are kept at the county level. To find out where the divorce records you want are located you can search the Internet. There are a multitude of free directories for public records. Your best bet is to search your state’s website or contact your local court clerk.

How to search divorce records?

To find the correct local records issuer, visit the TDHHS records website. Scroll to the third option, “Marriage and Divorce Records”, select the correct county range, and press “Go”. This will display a list of all county and district clerks in the area that can provide requesting parties with the documents being searched for.

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