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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you find divorce records in Florida?

The standard way to obtain divorce records in Florida is to visit the County Clerk’s Office where the divorce was granted. For those who do not know the exact county, they may visit the Bureau of Vital Statistics Office to request information pertaining to where the records are kept.

How do I get a divorce record in Florida?

The easiest and simplest way to get a Florida divorce record is to start with an internet search engine geared for records searching. The official process is to fill out a Florida Divorce Records Certificate, which is a mail-in form, and send it to the State Office of Vital Statistics.

Where to find divorce records?

Some divorce records are kept at the state level, some are kept at the county level. To find out where the divorce records you want are located you can search the Internet. There are a multitude of free directories for public records. Your best bet is to search your state’s website or contact your local court clerk.

Are divorce records public in Florida?

Florida divorce records are available online for anyone to view, but they’re only available to purchase by either spouse in the divorce. It’s a public record, which means anyone can perform a quick online search to locate a divorce record. Once a divorce is finalized in Florida, it’s filed by the court in the county where the divorce took place.

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