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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you file for divorce in DC?

You can file for divorce in DC if either you or your spouse has been a resident of DC for six months before the date you file the divorce papers with the court. It does not matter where you are married. Only one of you has to meet the DC residency requirement.

What is the divorce process in DC?

In Washington D.C., an uncontested divorce, in which the spouses are in agreement, generally takes two to three months from the date you file the divorce complaint to be finalized. In contrast, a contested divorce, in which the spouses cannot come to an agreement on their own but need the court’s assistance, can take 18 months or longer.

Do your own divorce papers?

Filing your own divorce papers should only be considered when: Both spouse are in agreement about getting a divorce and aren't contesting any issues; Your spouse hasn't retained an attorney or filed any papers (in these situations, it's best to hire your own attorney); There are few martial assets or debts;

What is a divorce court?

Divorce Court is an American nontraditional court show that revolves around settling the disputes of couples going through divorces.

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