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Frequently Asked Questions

Do both parties have to sign divorce papers in Canada?

In Canada it is not required that both parties want their marriage to end in order for a Divorce to be granted. It is only necessary that one party prove that the marriage has broken down and can not be repaired.

What is the final paper in divorce?

The terms of "final divorce papers" means that the final divorce decree what requested of the court. This is the legal end of the marriage relation. And the papers that include essential terms what made for the divorce processes. If the judge sings on the decree of divorce papers, it becomes active and goes to the court's clerk.

How long does divorce take in Canada?

There are various steps involved in obtaining a divorce in Ontario, which all add time to the procedure. On average it can take up to four months for your divorce to take effect from the time you file your Application for Divorce with the court.

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