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Frequently Asked Questions

What to ask a divorce lawyer?

Attorney Fee Structure. The first question you should ask the divorce lawyer during the consultation is about her fee structure. Specifically, you want to know whether the attorney will bill you for each hour she spends on your case, including the time she spends answering your questions, or whether it’s a fixed fee.

What is an Omaha attorney client relationship?

An Omaha attorney client relationship is exactly what it sounds like; the relationship that a client (you) share with your attorney. This relationship is considered sacred in the eyes of the law; it's based on. trust; confidentiality; confidence; Once you hire your attorney in Omaha, all communications that you share will be kept confidential. Additionally, all conversations that you and your attorney have will be protected by the courts; the only exception being extreme situations. How to ...

Are divorce lawyers necessary?

There is no specific undergraduate degree necessary for a career as a divorce lawyer. Many divorce lawyers obtain bachelor's degrees in English, political science or sociology. They also benefit from multidisciplinary studies, which offer foreign language, public speaking, psychology and sociology courses.

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