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Frequently Asked Questions

Where to buy discount tires?

Discount Tire, Goodyear, and Costco top the list for the best places to buy and have tires installed. They carry a large inventory of tire brands and tire sizes. Even if your tires just have low tire pressure, most of these places will fill your tires for free.

Who sells the cheapest tires?

Discounted Wheel Warehouse is your go-to stop for cheap yet reliable tires near you. We offer wholesale prices on high value tires to cover all your cheap tire purchasing needs. Our tire warehouse has a great selection from affordable tire brands like Nexen, Firestone, Ironman, and Falken, all sold at the cheapest tire prices.

Does Discount Tire Fill tires?

Discount Superstores. Some discount superstores with automotive centers have nitrogen for tires. Again, they may sell the tires and fill and refill with nitrogen for free, or they may fill a used tire for a fee.

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