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Frequently Asked Questions

What is discography (discogram)?

Understanding Medical Tests: Discography (Discogram) Discography is a specific test to tell if a damaged or abnormal disc is causing pain.

Why would a doctor choose discography?

A doctor may choose discography for patients with persistent pain when other imaging methods have failed to precisely locate the source of pain. A discogram is most commonly done prior to a lumbar fusion surgery. A spinal disc is a sponge-like cushion in between the vertebrae of the spine.

What is a lumbar discography?

A lumbar discography is an imaging test to identify damage to a spinal disc discs in the lower back causing pain or discomfort. A discography, or discogram, is an imaging test of the spine to determine which particular disc is causing a patient’s back pain. The doctor injects a dye into a specific disc to reveal damage on an X-ray image.

How many patients with back and leg pain undergo discography?

A total of 265 patients (177 males and 79 females, 298 discs) with back and leg pain underwent discography followed by CT 2 hours later. All discs were classified into 7 types according to the findings by discography and CTD.

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