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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you still find Dimes after someone dies?

Finding dimes after someone dies is actually quite common. In July of 2010, we lost Pete’s mom, Joan, not unexpectedly, but still rather suddenly. In the shock of the next few days, a family friend, Jill, whom Joan had treated as a daughter, was very distraught as they’d been on vacation when Joan passed.

What does it mean when you find pennies and dimes?

Other than the obvious meaning, that coins are a sign from your loved ones, angels, and guides… Finding dimes and pennies from Heaven means you're loved and valued.

What is the spiritual meaning of finding dimes?

So, dimes are a sign of angels listening. You now know about the history about my Great Grandmother but for the last few months I have been finding dimes all over the place, I even found one in a restroom a few hours ago, which has fueled me to write about finding dimes spiritual meaning.

What are some superstitions about finding a dime?

Here are some specific “superstitions” on finding a dime: Finding a dime = The angel sends blessings. Finding a penny = Calmness is needed. Finding a quarter = a change or events will happen soon. Finding a nickel = Don’t keep having negative thoughts.

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