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Frequently Asked Questions

What are digital media tools?

Digital Media Tools is a clearly focused and highlyaccessible introduction to the major software tools used forcreating digital graphics, web animation and web pages, suitablefor course use or self-study.

What is the importance of digital media?

Digital media is an increasingly popular medium for music, movies and video games. Tablet computers may be used for accessing digital media. Digital media is accessed using devices such as an MP3 player or traditional computer.

What does digital media company do?

One typical function of a digital media company is to create the technology for digital media – its operating systems, equipment, and applications.

What does digital media manager do?

The Manager of Web & Digital Media is responsible for developing, managing and maintaining the primary websites of the Division of Advancement. They have a strong user understanding and demonstrated expertise in Web content, usability, architecture, development and design.

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