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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best jobs for digital media majors?

Digital Media Major Best Jobs. 1 1. Production Assistant. Starting Salary $20,000 Job openings 21,056 Top Locations: New York, NY; Los Angeles, CA; Chicago, IL; Job Description: A ... 2 2. Marketing Internship. 3 3. Video Editor. 4 4. Marketing Coordinator. 5 5. Graphic Designer. More items

What does a digital media specialist do?

As a digital media specialist, skills in storyboarding, research, CGI, and artistic rendering may be valuable. Specialization can narrow even further, with some multimedia artists focusing on the design of animated landscapes, others on character design, and still others on visual effects.

What is digital media and how does it work?

Digital media involves using technology like the internet and electronic devices to create content, such as audio and video, websites, social media and video games. Essentially, digital media is any form of content that requires electronic devices to create, distribute and view that media.

What does it take to become a digital media expert?

As a digital media expert, you’ll need to build a wide array of skills that can help you develop, create, and design our digital experience. Organizations across industries value skilled professionals who are able to create dynamic designs, website experiences, and motion graphics.

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